Located at the top of the hills in Los Angeles, California The Getty Center is a part of the Getty Museum that is not only for art lovers. Getty Center house galleries are filled with various masterpieces such as 17th-century baroque art and the sculptures of Isamu Noguchi or Henry Moore.

The Getty Center started in J. Paul Getty’s house in 1954 and now it is one of the most renowned cultural institutions in Los Angeles, CA that attracts millions of visitors every year globally. There’s something for everyone in the Getty Center kids workshop, picnic spots, art, free theatre performances, and weekend music.

Architect Richard Meier designed this piece of amazing architecture and it symbolizes a sense of freedom and openness because of its surrounding landscape.

What Should You Expect When You Visit The Getty Center

The Getty Center’s beautiful and impressive architecture is set apart by its sleek lines, sharp and clean geometric shapes, and expansive glass facades that will make anyone mesmerize. The fusion of modern design and technological innovation is completely amazing.

More than a million visitors around the world annually use the tram to reach the hilltop of the Getty Center. You can see white travertine walls along with a stunning view of the whole city. The whole complex includes the Getty Research Institute, Getty Conservation Institute, Harold M. Williams Auditorium, J. Paul Getty Museum, a full-service restaurant, two caf├ęs, and over 86 acres of landscaped outdoor spaces.

Getty Center’s central garden contains above 500 plant species and a beautiful cactus garden. The Getty Villa which is located about 14 miles away in Pacific Palisades mainly focuses on Ancient Roman and Greek art and is housed in a Roman-style country house.

For whatever reason you are visiting the Getty Center (art collection, architecture, garden) there’s a free daily tour available to enhance visitor’s overall experience. The free tours include Spotlight Tours for specific exhibitions, general collection tours, Garden Tours, and Architecture Tours all are conducted 4 times a day. The same type of tour is also available at the Getty Villa.

Getty Center – Things To Do

  1. If you like souvenirs, you can go to the Getty Museum Store and buy yourself or your family members souvenirs, gifts, postcards, toys, etc., and a wide range of books related to art and history.
  2. You can also see world-class exhibitions that feature art from around the world museums and the collections of Getty. It will take around half an hour to 40 minutes to see the whole exhibition.
  3. If you are an art lover and like medical or modern art then you must visit this place. You can see art from the Middle Ages to today’s modern era.
  4. Want to relax you can visit the Museum Courtyard and take a view of the center’s beautiful architecture and fountains. At the coffee Kiosk which is nearby you can have drinks or snacks.
  5. At Robert Irwin Central Garden you can enjoy the relaxing water features and beautiful colorful plants that change seasonally. It is also perfect if you are looking for a nap or a place for a picnic with your family.
  6. Visitors love going to the top via Tram as it provides them a glimpse of the center and the panoramic view of the whole city from the parking to the top of the hill.

The Getty Center is closed on Mondays and open on Tuesdays to Sundays you can check the opening and closing times on their website. It is mainly closed on Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, and Independence Day.

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