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Rent a dumpster anywhere in California today! We offer reliable and affordable dumpster rental services for all types of projects - from residential to commercial. We provide dumpster rentals in all of California. Contact us today for a free quote.
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Welcome to Lacountyportables we provide dumpster rental services that offer a perfect solution to your waste removal and waste disposal needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are cleaning out your home or completing a renovation process or it can be a demolition project whatever the case is our dumpster rental company can provide you a perfect-sized dumpster that can meet all of your demands.

Our roll off dumpsters which is also known as open-top container or open top dumpster are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 3 yard to 40 yard. We offer residential dumpster rental services as well as commercial dumpster rental services for any kind of project.

Our dumpster rental period is flexible and we’ll help you in deciding the perfect size dumpster for your project so that your project keeps going on without any problem.

We are highly transparent when it comes to pricing and charge no hidden fees everything is clean and upfront so that you can budget accordingly.

You may required to have a permit to place the dumpster on your place or property but in any case if you have any issues we can also help you with this also. Dumpsters make job a lot easier especially if you’re decluttering your home before moving, doing construction projects, making space in the garage, cleaning your commercial place, junk removal, installing a new roof, recycling purposes, etc.

Contact us today at 619-558-3087 for affordable dumpster services and our team will help you in identifying the right dumpster size for your waste or junk removal needs.

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What Is a Dumpster Rental?

A dumpster rental is a service that allows you to temporarily rent large dumpsters or containers to dispose of a large amount of waste, trash, or debris. It is like a big bin that you can place on your property or job site. You can fill the dumpster with things like construction materials, furniture, or household garbage.

Once you have filled it up, we will come and pick it up for you and properly dispose of the garbage or debris. It is a convenient and efficient way to get rid of a large amount of trash all at once.

Our Dumpster Rental Options:

We offer a wide range of dumpster sizes to accommodate projects of all scales. Whether you need a small dumpster for a weekend garage cleanout or a large dumpster for a construction site, we have you covered. Our selection includes:

  1. 10-Yard Dumpster: Ideal for small-scale residential projects, such as garage cleanouts or attic decluttering.
  2. 20-Yard Dumpster: Perfect for mid-sized renovation projects or small construction jobs. It can hold approximately six pickup truckloads of waste.
  3. 30-Yard Dumpster: Suitable for larger construction projects or major home renovations, offering ample space to dispose of bulky items and debris.
  4. 40-Yard Dumpster: Designed for major construction projects, commercial cleanouts, or large-scale events, this dumpster can hold a substantial amount of waste and debris.

What Kind of Things Can You Put in a Dumpster Rental?

Yes, you can put various items in a dumpster. Some common items that can be put in a dumpster include

  1. Household junk
  2. Furniture
  3. Appliances
  4. Construction debris
  5. Yard waste
  6. Renovation leftovers

Basically, you can dispose of things you no longer need or want. However, it’s important to note that there are certain restrictions on hazardous materials that you should not place in a dumpster such as

  1. Chemicals
  2. Gasoline
  3. Paint, and batteries, etc

For more information, you can contact our customer care and we will guide you on what can and cannot be put inside the dumpster.

Is There a Smallest and Largest Dumpster Size I can rent?

At Lacountyportables, we provide dumpsters for all kinds of purposes. You can rent a 3-yard to 40-yard dumpster for your driveway cleanup or remodeling projects. Generally, 30-yard and 40-yard dumpsters are only good for bigger job sites such as roofing or junk removal services.

What Is a Roll off Dumpster?

A roll-off dumpster is called a “roll-off” because it’s delivered and picked up using a special truck with hydraulic arms that roll the container on and off the truck bed.

Renting a roll-off dumpster is often necessary when you have a large amount of waste to dispose of, such as during construction or renovation projects, home cleanouts, or landscaping work. They come in various sizes, including 10 yard dumpsters, 30 yard dumpsters, and even 40-yard dumpsters.

Roll-off dumpsters are convenient because they can be delivered right to your job site and picked up when you’re finished. They also keep job sites clean and organized by providing one central location for all waste materials.

If you need a roll off dumpster rental, call us today!

Are You Having Trouble in Deciding the Right Size Dumpster To Rent? Call Us Today and Get a Free Quote

If you are having any kind of problem in deciding the right dumpster size to rent just give us a call and our professionals will help you in deciding the best size dumpster. Call us today at – 619-558-3087

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are Some Common Ways To Use A Dumpster?

The common use for dumpster rentals is remodeling projects, junk removal, roof replacements, general cleanup purposes, etc.

Is It Possible To Rent A Dumpster Today?

Just give us a call at – 619-558-3087.

Can I Rent A Dumpster For A Day?

Yes, you can rent a dumpster for a day.

Is Renting A Dumpster Expensive? How Much Does It Cost?

It completely depends on the size of the dumpster and the duration of the rental.

Can I Rent A Dumpster At My House Or Apartment?

Yes, you have all the rights to rent a dumpster at your home or apartment.

Is Permit Required To Rent A Dumpster?

Yes, a permit is required to rent a dumpster in the majority of the cases. The permit requirement completely depends on the location and other factors such as dumpster size, where it will be placed, and the duration of its placement. The reason for the permit is to ensure that dumpsters do not pose a safety risk or block access to public spaces.

Call us to find out whether a permit is necessary before renting a dumpster.

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